My novel: Far Inland

Far Inland cover

‘Far Inland is a shamanic story for our times. If story tells us of our past and vision
speaks to the future, Peter Urpeth has combined both in this delightful work.’
– Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and fellow of the Centre for Human Ecology

‘The lonely terror of psychic disintegration and explosions of renewal are vividly
and brilliantly conveyed here . . . full of authentic evocation.’
– Tom Lowenstein, author of Ancient Land, Sacred Whale (Bloomsbury)

My first novel, Far Inland, was published by Birlinn Polygon in April 2006. Set on the Isle of Lewis and in Glasgow, Far Inland draws on Gaelic and Inuit mythology and spirituality to inform a contemporary tale that explores a startling period in the life of Sorley MacRath.

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